Ultrasonic tanks


Ultrasonic tanks

Fibbi Elio offers its industry experience in the cleaning of various components and products, through ultrasonic technology. These are systems that use frequency waves exceeding the maximum audible limit (16 kHz). Ultrasonic waves, thanks to their high energy load, generate a liquid that can be used for industrial washing. To find out more, get in touch today.
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The technique underlying this feature is based on the transformation of high frequency electric waves emitted by a generator, in mechanical oscillations, by means of a converter (booster), which, by appropriately amplifying ultrasonic energy, transfers all the oscillating power to the sonotrode ( different terminal end for each type of application).  

An ultrasonic apparatus is essentially constituted by a generator that supplies one or more transducers.


For the washing, disintegration, homogenisation and ultrasonic plant extraction applications, the principle of cavitation is used. This phenomenon consists of the rapid and continuous formation and implosion of millions of microscopic vapor bubbles. The mechanical action of violent shock waves caused by implosion, combined with appropriate chemical action of the detergent, allows the removal of impurities on every surface of the objects immersed in the ultrasonic wash basin. For these cleaning treatments, tanks with a capacity of 30, 60, 90, 150 and 200 litres can be supplied.
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