Acid Fume Treatment



Fibbi Elio Srl sets the benchmark for the production of thermoplastic machinery in the ecological sector, guaranteeing the suction and treatment of acid fumes. This equipment is fundamental to those who carry out acid-based processes; the aim is to neutralize danger, and respect environmental regulations related to atmospheric emissions (galvanization and stabilization in glass processing plants).
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Due to the use of high-quality materials and technologies, our company, based in Pontassieve, is able to produce systems consisting of a scrubber tower with cylindrical section, with appropriate size for the given airflow to be treated (mc / H) and for a suitable cross-flow velocity for the type of treatment. This tower is entirely made of PP with a support base for a proper reconditioned washing liquid recirculation tank, equipped with the necessary loading and unloading overloads, overflow, level, inspection door for picking and adding reagents and recirculating pump with the task of recirculating the fluid inside the column. In the column there are one or more PP grids in support of top-sprayed rings from rainwater distributed by a group of PVC nozzles where the fumes undergo further washing.


After washing the fumes with a set of PVC nozzles, they undergo a further wash and then pass through the drop separator which has the task of retaining the suspended water particles, avoiding dragging the water out of the tower. Thanks to a centrifugal fan outside the tower, the suction level required is ensured. The abatement plant can be made with one or two towers mounted in series, depending on the characteristics of the air to be treated and the limits imposed by the regulations governing atmospheric emissions that must be adhered to.
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