Established in 1968, Fibbi Elio srl started out as a manufacturer of thermoplastic machinery for use in industrial plants. The main sectors of use are now the chemical, galvanic and gold working industries; the ecological sector for waste water purification and the treatment of acid fumes; the glass industry for the supply of saturation systems
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All work we do in our center is done exclusively on commission, thanks to the expertise of specialized technicians and state-of-the-art machinery. We have two numerically controlled work stations: a 3-stroke pantograph with an electro-spindle for cutting and engraving plastic plates and similar with a maximum thickness of 3000x1500x50mm and another more recent pantograph of Synthesis 3216 suitable for panel and masonry work with a 3200x1600mm work top. Examples of our achievements are PP Flanges with measuring holes and Gola for gold; square, circular and rectangular screens with holes of different diameters. Fibbi products offer a guarantee of quality, starting with the raw materials. We carefully choose materials from certified quality suppliers, and technically advanced components and equipment to ensure optimum and reliable machining.


For the ecological sector our company produces: complete systems for suction and treatment of acid fumes. 
The use of an acid fumigation plant prevents the diffusion of harmful emissions from production lines using acidic substances (glass saturation systems, galvanic lines).
The plant consists of a cylindrical section scrubber-type cleansing tower for a given air flow rate (mc / h) and a corresponding flow rate for suitable fumes for the type of treatment.
The tower is made entirely of PP with a support base for a properly refilled washing fluid recirculation tank and the necessary loading and unloading connections, overflow, level, inspection door for picking and adding reagents, recirculation pump, with the task of recirculating the fluid inside the column. Inside, the column is fitted with one or more PP grids in support of top-mounted springs from a water outlet distributed by a group of PVC nozzles where the fumes undergo further cleansing.
After this stage, the fumes cross the drop separator with the task of retaining the suspended water particles, avoiding dragging the water out of the tower. 
On completion, we also provide a centrifugal fan outside the cleansing tower, which ensures the suction level required.
The plant can provide a single tower or two towers in series depending on the characteristics of the air to be treated and the level of emission in the atmosphere.


For the galvanic, as well as the chemical and tannery industries, complete and equipped tanks (as well as all equipment which, because of its contact with corrosive chemicals, must be made of plastic), depending on the treatment they have to undergo with pumps, filters, blowers, heaters, cathode and anodic barriers, feeders, electrical cabinets and suction hoods. 
All this makes it possible to carry out galvanic workings and / or deposits successfully and safely.

On each Fibbi system, we provide a support service for installation, start-up and maintenance at your operating location.
We are always ready to meet the needs of our customers, and can provide tailor-made plant designs according to your specific space and production requirements.

The machines we use include:
• Automatic cutters for cutting pieces,
• Automatic welding machines that perform to certified standards
• Automatic pleating machine for uniform shaping of parts.

All of this helps us obtain better production standards. Particular attention is paid in choosing quality raw materials and components for equipment mounted on the system.


Fibbi manufactures custom-made plastic furniture, tailored to the customer's needs in our internal galvanic laboratories. We make desks and PC stations, with various other instrumentation, complete with document drawers; a shaped worktop, complete with door compartments, built-in internal shelves with lockable handles. One of the two surfaces comes complete with a sink and tap; wardrobe with built-in shelves, transparent PVC doors and suction systems; a polypropylene structure for 'Crash-Testing' with a series of angled shelves and a transparent closure panel, used to test the galvanic treatment by numerous fall impacts on metal closures and other fashion accessories. All our furniture is made using anti-acid materials.

SYSTEMS for small scale OR SAMPLES

This type of system, with tank volumes of around 30 litres, is compact and very versatile for users with limited productivity (small scope or sampling) that want to obtain an optimum finish in their lab.
In this way, the quality of the goods is always under control and, in addition to considerable cost savings, there is also considerable savings in terms of production times which can always be kept under control.


Compared with the static one, barrel systems are much more suitable for producing small items, as they do not risk damage or creating tangles when inserted into the machinery. This process is ideal for small items, fittings, bolts and screws.
Rotary barrel treatment is carried out by means of a machine which, when turning, ensures that each component is treated homogeneously even in its interior.
This guarantees the long life and protection of your metal objects against the effect of atmospheric corrosion. 
For total galvanization, for example, by mixing water and alkaline liquid (or acid, depending on the desired effect), any residual oil and fat particles are removed.


This is an instrument to avoid the concentration of copper in recovery tanks and thus avoiding polluting the demi plant. 
The principle operation is based on electro-deposition of metals by electrolytic means; it occurs when an electrical current is applied to a metal-containing solution causing the positive ions to move toward the cathode on which the precious metal is deposited. 
Recovery of precious metals from exhausted solutions resulting from various manufacturing processes is a major source of income at very low running costs.


For the ecological sector the company produces:
Manual or automatic systems for water purification in galvanic systems. It is a chemical-physical system that allows the retention of the impurities of both organic and inorganic chemicals from the water to be treated and thus cleans the cleansing water that is contaminated downstream of a galvanic process. The water treatment plant connects to the washing tanks of galvanic systems in a "closed loop". In this way, the waters that have been contaminated by the transitions from galvanic baths are purified by means of suitable "ion exchange" resins and active carbons, which retain the polluting particles and at the same time release non-damaging water for the subsequent processes. The water treatment plant must be considered a fundamental part of a galvanic plant. Ultra de-mineralization plants are also available for the rinses that precede the hot air drying systems integrated with reverse osmosis.


We supply PP bases complete with high performance fiber-glass grill lines, particularly suitable for environments where corrosion problems exist and, depending on customer requirements, are available in different resins, multiple meshes and surface types.


Our company manufactures ventilation, suction lines and hoods in thermoplastic materials. 
These solutions are needed in work environments where production emissions are harmful to operators.
Our products allow the operator working under the hood to avoid inhaling harmful fumes, the production gases are removed from the workstation through the hood and by a suction system and brought to the abatement area, in case the carried substances need purification, or they are simply emitted into the atmosphere. 
For optimum ventilation, these systems need an extractor fan.


We produce tailor-made dosage panels.


These are systems for the chemical-physical treatment of regenerative eluates. Mixer tanks are containers within which a propeller is mounted to keep the product continuously blended, while waiting to be extracted by the dosing auger.


We build plastic tanks of all shapes, sizes and capabilities: from a minimum of 5 litres to a maximum of 20000 litres with appropriate reinforcement; this depends on the end user's functional requirements and, unlike moulded plastic tanks, our tanks can be customized. "Double chamber" external security tanks can be made with all required hinge connections (not standard). These tanks are suitable for holding drinking water, the storage of acids and water awaiting treatment.


Ultrasound science handles sonic frequencies higher than the maximum audible limit (16 kHz). The high energy content of the ultrasonic wave generated in a liquid can be used for industrial washing. In all applications, ultrasound technology is based on the transformation of high frequency electric waves emitted by a generator, in mechanical oscillations, by means of a converter (booster) which, by appropriately amplifying ultrasonic energy, transmits all the oscillating power to the sonotrode (Different terminal end for each type of application). 
In the applications of washing, disintegration, homogenization and extraction of ultrasound, the principle of cavitation is used.  The phenomenon, called cavitation, consists of the rapid and continuous formation and implosion of millions of microscopic vapor bubbles.
The mechanical action of violent shock waves caused by implosions, combined with an appropriate chemical action of the detergent, removes the impurities of the objects immersed in the ultrasonic wash basin.
An ultrasonic apparatus is essentially constituted by a generator that supplies one or more transducers. Tanks are available with capacity of 30-60-90-150-200 litres.


We offer:
Heaters dedicated to the field of chemical and galvanic treatment with pyrex, porcelain, carbon, titanium, quartz and teflon PTFE enclosures, tank bottom or total immersion in the tank center, with single tubes with removable and replaceable heating elements, which solve the costly problem of emptying the tanks in case of heater replacement. In addition to the wide range of special purpose heaters, numerous accessories and devices are specifically designed for use in galvanizing technology such as electrodes, special sensors for level and temperature control, mounting fixtures and control instruments. Equipment for the handling, filtration and purification of corrosive liquids, in particular in the galvanic sector and printed circuit boards, including pumps (Magnetic, Mechanical, Vertical, Membrane, Travaso) Filter Pumps (Mini, Mix, Big, Easy ...); Purification Systems (Coal Columns, Resin Columns, Detectors), Precious Metals Recovery, Consumables (Filter Cartridges, Filter Papers, Fabric Disks, Bag Filters). Rotating "tailor-made" barrels with more than 150 models can be specified in single or double barrel versions with on-board or external drive handling loads up to 500kg. The technology is synthesized in Minirotor: machines designed for the production of small items and samples. In addition to a wide range of drilling, the standard range includes cylinders with two different keys and five lengths. High performance rectifiers are specially designed and manufactured for use in galvanic and surface treatment of metals such as: 
- Zinc plating - Rolling - Nickel plating ... Switchboards. We are able to produce and supply complete electrical assemblies of accessories for the galvanic system or all the equipment for controlling the utilities of the tanks. 
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