Chemical Analysis Laboratories


Chemical analysis laboratories

At Fibbi Elio our work includes the production of furniture, made from plastic, customized according to client needs. These are products that are aimed at the use of the customer in internal chemical laboratories dedicated to galvanic operations. In this way you can have a convenient and functional position for those who work in these posts, thus guaranteeing high standards of comfort for the worker and the optimum productive output.
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These furnishings include a desk where a personal computer station and all the other necessary equipment can be accommodated, along with the presence of document boxes and storage of everything you need during your work. In addition to this there is also a shaped workbench, complete with door compartments, with built-in shelves and lockable door handles. 

On one of the two surfaces there is a sink with a tap, with a suction cupboard with internal lining and PVC doors equipped with suction system. The furniture includes a polypropylene structure called a 'Crash-Test' with a series of angled shelves and a transparent closure panel. 

This solution is used to test the galvanic treatment carried out on closures and metal accessory mechanisms for the fashion sector, by numerous fall impacts. All components of this particular furniture are made from anti-acid material.
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