Galvanic Work



Fibbi Elio is well known for the products it manufactures in the fields of the galvanic, chemical and leather industries. Complete and fitted tanks are provided, equipped with all the equipment and products that, for their contact with corrosive chemicals, must be made exclusively of plastic material and that according to the treatment they have, filter pumps or blowers, heaters, cathode and anodic, power supplies, electrical cabinets and suction hoods. These products allow you to perform galvanic workings and / or deposits in complete safety.
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For every installation, Fibbi Elio provides full support including installation, start-up and all maintenance operations, which will be carried out directly at the company's operational headquarters.


The company offers a design that assists the customer in the details of the construction phase as well as space and production type requirements of the buyer. The machining is carried out using the best available techniques and equipment:   
  • Automatic cutters for cutting pieces,
  • Welding machines that perform to certified standards,
  • Automatic pleating machine for uniform shaping of the pieces.
All these services are aimed at obtaining the best production standards, with the customer's assurance on the choice of the best materials and components installed at the plant.
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