Purification solutions



Fibbi Elio always has an eye for detail regarding environmental compliance and adhering to applicable regulations. In this area, the company manufactures manual or automatic water treatment plants inside galvanic plants. This allows you to manage the delicate aspects of galvanic companies such as the process of discharging processing water, allowing the company to uphold a certain level of quality regarding environmental limits.
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Water purification plants are chemical-physical systems that allow the retention of organic and inorganic chemical impurities. This type of system is connected to "closed loop" washing tanks of galvanic systems. Thanks to this connection, the waters that have been contaminated by the transitions from the galvanic tanks through these installations, are purged via appropriate "ion exchange" resins and activated charcoal that are capable of retaining the polluting particles and releasing purified water, so it's not harmful to subsequent processes. In addition to the aforementioned systems, we are also able to produce ultra-demineralization systems for rinsing and drying systems, using hot air integrated with reverse osmosis.
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